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Need a lot of energy? Let’s work together and get you set up to conquer the world of renewable energy. We have perfected the art of designing and manufacturing battery packs for all sorts of industries.

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Batteries for homes and commercial applications? Take a look at HomePack for homes for and ReadyPower for commercial applications!

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Batteries to get through the day? That’s called caffeine, but you should to go to a coffee shop for that.

We have made battery packs that fit in your hand and battery packs big enough to power buildings. There is no challenge too immense. If you need a battery for a special application then send us a message or request a call. Let’s make your project come to life.

HomePack – your home battery. Day or night, cloudy or bright, HomePack provides seamless, renewable power to your home.

Backup Power
During a power outage HomePack provides power to your home. Your lights stay on, refrigerator stays cold, and phones are charged.

With an IP67 rating, water and dust pose no harm so you will have clean power at all times.

Self-Powered Home
HomePack works with new or existing solar installations. It stores the extra solar energy you don’t use so you can use it when you need it. You benefit from a reduced reliance on the grid and maximize the power of solar.

Completely Silent
HomePack is quiet – whether saving excess energy or powering your home, not a sound will be heard.

Compact and Simple
Enough power for your entire house, but small enough to walk by without noticing. HomePack is also completely automated. It installs easily and requires no maintenance.

15-Year Life
We use state-of-the-art batteries and unbeatable battery monitoring to ensure your home battery lasts nearly three times longer than others. This means HomePack will give reliable, 100% green power to your home for 15 years.

HomePack is your home battery - request a call or send us a message.

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ReadyPower is your utility and business energy storage.

Every utility and business has different needs. ReadyPower systems scale to the energy, space and power requirements of any site. From a small commercial business to large regional utilities ReadyPower is one of the most modular commercial battery systems.

Turn Key
ReadyPower is fully integrated and ready to give power. No special housings need to be built and no proprietary connections need to be installed. It is the AC-connected, commercial energy storage solution with everything you need.

Robust and Advanced
Nobody likes when the power is out. ReadyPower is designed to be very efficient, safe, and long lasting. It’s designed to be maintenance free and works with smart grids and smart cities. Each module is designed to withstand fire, water, debris, and many other storms with an IP67 rating.

Microgrid Capable
Set up a local grid that is separate from the main power grid and improves overall grid dependency. ReadyPower enables peer-to-peer energy trading for cutting edge microgrids and commercial battery systems.

ReadyPower distributes the supply of power and energy storage to lower or eliminate the need to upgrade old grid technology.

Smart Energy Performance
Peak Shaving
ReadyPower will provide energy at times of peak demand to reduce or avoid demand charges.

Demand Response
ReadyPower will instantly offer power in response to a signal that indicates high demand peaks in system load.

Load Shifting
When electricity costs vary by time, ReadyPower sends energy when the utility price is high. Solar, wind, and other renewable energy generation is accounted for during load shifting.

Emergency Backup
ReadyPower detects a loss of power and immediately provides power to your business or utility. This can be achieved with or without solar power.

ReadyPower is one of the most advanced commercial energy storage systems for business and utility networks. It’s simple to install, supports the future of smart grids, and offers money saving benefits beyond its competition.

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